Monday, April 24, 2017

April Showers bring ....

First of all... a shower of gratitude to Deborah of Paradise Pure Seed Ginger.   My order of ginger and turmeric seed arrived this past week from Hawaii and I couldn't be more pleased.  Take a look at what came in the box:
Beautiful isn't it ?!?  Be sure to check out Deborah's website and tell her "hey" from Simple Man Farms.

April Showers also mean a slow down in activity at Farmer's markets so those tomato plants will be really ready to be snapped up for new homes soon: 

Piggott Farmers Markets officially opens May 5th but a few of us have been set up some Saturdays before then, so be sure to drive by for a look.

April Showers regrettably bring a bit more time to do more reading that a gardener wants to do at this time of year due to the bare clay soil soup sandwich the rain has made out of the newly turned earth.  The most recent book to find itself on my end table is a book by Jen Sincero, entitled "You are a Bada** -- How To Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life."  

I borrow this quote from Ms. Sincero's book to share with you:

"If you want to live a life you've never lived, you have to do things you've never done."

Remember, my door is open, my hand would be honored to shake yours, and I welcome you to join me along this journey.  

I am blessed, 

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Rain or Shine

Papa used to say "if the mule is in the barn ... work him."

Well, no matter the weather, work has been happening here at the farm.

Since the last post, earth has been turned, trees have been planted, and seeds have been started:

Purple Martin gourds have been added to attract beneficial birds to the farm.

Onions are growing fast in their cozy raised beds ....

  Progress is being made on the buildings, as well ...

Tonight I prep the truck with tomato plants to take to the Piggott Farmers Market Saturday morning at 635 East Main Street in Piggott, Arkansas.

This is the time of year when hopes run high, transplants are green and growing, cool season crops are being planted. It's a great time to live in this free country.  I am blessed.

Remember, my door is open, my hand would be honored to shake yours, and I welcome you to join me along this journey.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Early days on the farm

Thank you for returning to the farm for a visit. Thought I'd give you a tour today to show you what's happening here. 

Of course, since it's not yet spring here in Missouri, and the greenhouses are still under construction: 

can't say there's a lot going on but construction ... however, the unheated greenhouse is producing:

                    unheated greenhouse
Lettuce - 50 days
and in the garage ...               

my Tomatoes at 20 days

Spinach - 50 Days

Even the honeybees know it is still time for staying inside to conserve their energy for warmer days ahead, when spring arrives when this ol' farm should be in full bloom. For you see this current piece of empty ground?

This piece of fertile ground will soon be home to pear trees and apple trees, berry bushes and a host of heirloom flowers  that will be blooming for Farmers Market stalls in the area. Those will be some busy bees.

The hopes and dreams are running high, plastic has arrived and friends will need to be called for help. I am blessed.

Until next we get a chance to visit, wish you well ~ Simple Man Farmer

Friday, January 27, 2017


After a thirty-two year career ended due to a factory closure, the Simple Man Farms journey began. It has always been my dream to live a self-sufficient and sustainable lifestyle. Though this journey for me started long before the factory closure. I have been lucky to hobby garden most of my life. 

I was blessed with a grandfather who was an avid gardener. PaPa always took time to patiently instruct me in the various practices needed to grow things successfully.

At this time, two 1500-square-foot greenhouses are nearing completion, which will house hydroponic lettuce and tomatoes for a four-season harvest free from harmful pesticides and herbicides. 

Fruit bearing trees will be planted in March along with a variety of berries. Heirloom vegetables will be planted for harvesting as will rows of flowers for cutting intended for market. This property boasts its own apiary providing pollination and delicious honey.

This small acreage will be a farm to table model, providing locally grown food as well as an opportunity for education of our youth. The farm goals are many...proving that a Micro- Eco-farm in coexistence with the earth can bring about the much-needed change to agriculture and allow families to earn a small living on a few acres without the overhead costs of land and equipment. With all this being said, you are invited to join in this journey where heirloom vegetables will flourish and falter, flowers will bloom and fade, dirt will be in places where it will be cause for pause and reflection as to how it got there.  

Farmer Markets will be a source of income with its own set of highs and lows to add to the planning in the farm goals.

As I start down the path of this new beginning, let me say:

PaPa’s secrets will be eagerly shared and passed on to another generation.

Sweat and love will be added to the soil along with these words, “I am blessed.” 

My door is open, my hand would be honored to shake yours, I welcome you to join me on this journey.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Simple Man Farms Blog ...

Seed has been planted.

Blog is in the process of germinating.

Please return to check on growth progress.